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Viper Comics

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Viper Comics
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Viper Comics was founded in December 2001 and began production as an independent publisher in Dallas, TX.

"Our love for comics pushes us to work long and hard to produce and publish comics of the highest quality. We envision creating storylines with substance and the art to match."-VC Crew

This community is a means to give some additional exposure to Viper Comics, as well as offer comic book fans the chance to check out Viper's existing titles they may be unaware of. Regardless of your comic book interests you're bound to find something you'll enjoy if you just look around.(and of course also for people who are already fans of their books)

Please free to visit their official website and check out the features for previews and info on the comics and the forums for discussion. For those who prefer livejournal over forums or just rather say something right away, please feel free to express your opinions, comments etc here. If you're looking for a publisher, or interested in being published by Viper, they are not accepting submissions currently but that doesn't mean they won't in the future. So post here or just keep checking the "submissions" section on the site.

I will provide updates and news regarding VC and its titles as a convenience for those who don't frequent the website


I won't really ask for much other than the following...

    All posts be relevant
    No non comic related community promoting
    Be respectful

I'm not too picky on image/post sizes as long as it's reasonable, if not please use lj-cuts. And to prevent any potential confusion I'm not directly linked to Viper Comics (I do not work for them), just a friend of the crew and some of the artists and a big fan of what they do.

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Note:This community will constantly be undergoing "construction" so please bare with me