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Wes Molebash and "You'll Have That"

Webcomic on Viper

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If you enjoy comic strips and you like what you see, you'll want to check out "You'll Have That" created by Wes Molebash. The webcomic was a new idea Viper decided on a while back and Molebash's first official strip appeared on the Viper site December 6, 2004. Aside from just checking out his strip, you also get some insight into the creator's world, his inspirations and whatever rants he has when you read his News blog located just below the strip.

If you're a person that favors print comic strips as opposed to the web, guess what? By the end of the year one of Viper's goals is to have a "You'll Have That" book. Unfortunately, I don't have any specifics on it just yet, but there will be one, and if you continue to show your support and interest in YHT there's no telling what other merchandise will develope.

As a result of his contribution to Dead@17's Rough Cut Vol.2, and having a lot of support and fans this past Saturday (April 16) Wes participated in his first comic book signing at ACME Comics a local comic book store in his hometown Chillicote, Ohio. If you'd like to see what took place and what you missed out on stop by the forums and take a look at the photos he posted capturing the event. Better yet, here's a link Comic Signing Pics!!!

To see the rest of the strips that follow the sample just click here Image hosted by
NOTE: unfortunately due to resizing and saving in a different format some of the quality of the strips are compromised

The image you see is actually a flyer that you can download at the site if you really dig YHT and you want to help spread the word just print it out and distribute around your local comic shops or wherever you'd like to post them to help out.

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